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Company Secretarial Services

Thanks to its sound economy and prosperous business scene, Singapore has become a focal point for entrepreneurs and business people who wish to establish themselves in this affluent Asian nation.

company secretarial servicesSingapore offers business people extensive top-of-the-range corporate facilities, which include first-class hotels, stylish conference venues, and a highly efficient transportation network. In addition, Singapore's exceptionally qualified workforce is a beneficial asset for business owners who operate in the country.

If you wish to benefit from all the resources available to your business in Singapore, do not overlook what local business support and secretarial services can do for your company. Below you will find a summary of the company secretarial services we offer:

Business Registration / Incorporation

Registering a business in Singapore is a speedy process, taking 24 to 48 hours on average. Company owners who are not Singaporean citizens or permanent residents are required to engage the services of a professional company registration firm, who can handle the process on their behalf promptly and efficiently.

Procurement of Resident Board Members

According to Singaporean law, companies registered in the country must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation. The secretary must be a local resident and have an adequate business background so that he/she can perform administrative and fiduciary duties. Our secretarial services can support companies and help them find a suitable local professional who can act as the company's secretary.

Handling and Submission of Legal Documents

Our knowledgeable and experienced secretarial team can assist you by drafting, filing, and submitting a comprehensive range of business and legal documents. These include proof of a local business address, maintenance of meeting minutes books, filing of annual tax returns, opening of a local business bank account, the transfer of company shares, any changes to the particulars of board members, changes made to the Memorandum of Association, the declaration of dividends, amendments made to the company's share capital structure, business and service contracts, agreements with shareholders and staff, and de-registration of a company.

Support with Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark in Singapore requires compliance with the guidelines established by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Our secretarial team can conduct the necessary research to ensure that those guidelines are not infringed, complete and file the trademark application on your behalf, and obtain a trademark registration certificate from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

Provision of Independent Business Advice

In an effort to bolster economic growth, the Singaporean authorities have launched several funding and business support schemes, including cash grants, government-sponsored equity finance, tax reliefs, and debt financing. Our local secretarial services firm can help you find the most relevant schemes for the needs of your business and provide independent advice on how to proceed in order to benefit from them. In addition, we put at your disposal our technical expertise and offer guidance on how to consolidate your IT infrastructure in order to further your business interests in Singapore.