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Incorporation Services

Without a local partner, Incorporating a company can prove to be a difficult and time consuming task.

incorporation_servicesAlthough many of the processes involved are automated thanks to the electronic age, rules and regulations can frequently change. This is even more relevant when attempting to incorporate a business in Singapore.

While there are countless organisations migrating to this lucrative region of the world, the logistics of incorporation are perhaps some of the greatest challenges that will be faced. Incorporation services from Wellstead Corporate Solutions aim to provide companies with the best and most pertinent advice in this area.

Unique Requirements

Businesses will face markedly different incorporation considerations in Singapore than they would in the United Kingdom or the United States. Some of the choices that will need to be addressed are whether to start a business as a private limited company or a public entity, the tax obligations involved, income declaration and obtaining a legally recognised status.

These and other aspects of the process can take up a great deal of time and energy; particularly when a foreign company is unfamiliar with the logistics that are required. Wellstead Corporate Solutions will provide the most relevant and timely advice on these and countless other concerns.

A "Hands-On" Approach

One of the aspects of our incorporation services is to proactively manage a company's needs based on their specific requirements. We boast a second-to-none expertise in the legal matters involved in Singaporean incorporation and our clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

This ethic is bolstered by developing one-on-one relationships with our clients; engaging and addressing all of their questions with clarity and transparency. This will allow a business to place its focus back into development and strategic planning.

Efficiency Through Simplification

There is no doubt that there are several hurdles which a company must overcome before completing their incorporation. It should come as no surprise that these processes appear convoluted and confusing to outsiders.

This is where Wellstead Corporate Solutions can help you in this transitive period. We work with you to expedite the entire process. Simply, we will take care of the complexities and allow our clients to take advantage of this efficiency.

The end result is rapid incorporation into what is proving to be one of the fastest growing and most profitable regions on the planet.

It is easy to appreciate why a growing number of small-to-medium sized enterprises are choosing to work with Wellstead Corporate Solutions. Utilising our innate knowledge of logistics, legalities and local requirements, the act of incorporating a business in Singapore can be quick and painless.

We pride ourselves on this approach and much like our clients, we will continue to grow through prudence, professionalism and experience.